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KNCTR is a FREE entertainment and communication desktop app that brings you amazing daily video including hot Hollywood gossip, news updates, technology & app insight, movie trailers, auto reviews, and daily exclusives! You can also use it to make local and long distance calls to cellphones and landlines in continental North America absolutely FREE! We've also integrated Facebook, Twitter, MSN Live & Messenger, news feeds, and much more!

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    As soon as your computer is turned on, KNCTR is ready to connect you to a world of video, updates, and FREE local & long distance calling!

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    Talk with anyone in continental North America at no cost through the built-in VoIP Internet Phone! All you need is a headset.

  • Video Content

    Enjoy the latest hot Hollywood Gossip, news updates, technology & app reviews, movie trailers, auto reviews, and daily exclusives!

  • MSN Live

    The world's most powerful network is built-in and always open. MSN Messenger, Hotmail - the entire suite is at your service.